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I am Designhelt

I am a graphic designer from Denmark. I like food. I like illustration. I like working.


Superhero skills

Top 5 superhero skills


Slice it, pen it or just fix it – Photoshop is the first thing i launch in the morning


To convey my design through animation is pure gold. I prefer to animate simple but effective design.


Right about now I’ve published a ton of prints. Folders, magazines, catalogues, brochures,
ads, roll-ups… u name it.


The bigger the better.
Scale up, scale down. Illustrator frames my playground.


WordPress is my number one open source CMS. My startup-place when I do webdesign.



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My mind is productive. I love to produce. Whether it's graphic design or making a good solid omelet.


I love drawing in Adobe Illustrator. I like to make logos from scratch or make established logos even cooler.


Oh coffee – love it. Get’s me going through the day. I’ll definitely buy you a cup if you drop by.


This is my love/hate-relationship.
Love to get going – Hate it after first half!


I’ve got good communication skills. At least i think I do. I like to have a loose chat with people, and I am not the shy type.


I like to shoot photos with my camera. I Don’t have a special photographic angle. Just more impulsive shooting.


I am a very structured type of guy. Love to organize. Hate to loose overview.

Who is Designhelt?

» Profile
  • Name: Nicklas Vognsen
  • Age: 24
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Title: Graphic Designer
  • Workplace: Dansk Bilferie A/S

» History
  • 2010: HTX (Higher Technical Exam) with Design as major
  • 2010-2011: Cleaning assistent at Ulriks Rengoring, Viborg
  • 2011-2014: Graphic Designer at Central Denmark Region
  • 2014-2015: Graphic Designer at Dansk Bilferie a/s

» Courses
  • Photoshooting, Advanced
  • Photoshop, Advanced
  • Webdesign, Advanced
  • CMS and Dynamic webdesign, Advanced
  • Webapps, Advanced
  • Wordpress
  • After Effects

» Places visited
  • Copenhagen
    • Berlin
    • New York
    • Atlanta
    • Barcelona
    • Nicaragua
    • France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Norway
    • Monaco
    • London
    • Nicklas Vognsen


      This is my true face behind my uniform.

    » Let's play ball
    Football… Love it. Been playing it all my life and therefore influenced a big big part of me. I’ve always been a player with a good vision of the game and I would rather be in center of things instead of letting other take the initiative.
    I think my way of behaving of the field, is reflecting in my work-, social- and familylife. I like to take control in most social groups, but not in a bad way. I like to make people comfortably. I like to help my fellow human being to be safe in my company – just like on the field.

    » I often...
    • Drink coffee
    • Buy coffee
    • Watch and play football
    • Hit the gym
    • Read the Bible
    • Play in Illustrator

    » Bucket-list
    • Watch football on Anfield Road
      • Sell my secret project
        • Shake hands with Michael Laudrup
          • Make a painting
          • Be better
          • Get a 1000 likes on facebook

          » Food
          I like to live a healthy life. As a teenager I were a bit chubby. That changed when I turned 17. Now I try to live as healthy as I can. My interest in making quality food has been a great motivation in keeping a healthy line. I like experimenting in the kitchen. Sometimes it gets good. Sometimes it gets… not so good.


          This is my selection of projects. I'll keep uploading as fast as I can.

          What is happening on the blog?

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          Designhelt cooperates with Camaloon

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          What is your tie-mood?

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          HK GK Communication Programme

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          Milestones reach until now

          • 579 Goals scored
          • 1980 Ideas
          • 7 Websites
          • 17 Books read


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